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Animal Reiki

Is there an animal that you love or know that needs the gentle touch of Reiki? Humans can express when they need help, but did you know animals can too? A spiritual practice of compassion for all beings, Reiki also offers simple techniques that help us open our hearts to the world around us. Animals actually know where they need Reiki and benefit from it. During a session, they will move their bodies to where they need the Reiki to go. They are very accepting of Reiki because that is what they give out as well. This would explain the increase in feeling of well-being when near animals or our pets. Reiki is excellent for nervous animals and helpful for animal trauma. It provides relaxation, stress reduction and healing of any animal in any environment. It is great for fearful, scared and hard to transport animals. It helps with pain an illnesses is very powerful for animal especially during palliative care.

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